The Apostrophe Content Management System.

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ApostropheCMS is a content management system (CMS) for Node.js. It supports in-context editing, schema-driven content types, flexible widgets and a great deal more. This module contains everything necessary to build a website with ApostropheCMS.

Please see the ApostropheCMS documentation for detailed information about building sites with ApostropheCMS.

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Getting Started

The ApostropheCMS documentation will walk you through some simple steps to get your local environment set up with the technology stack that runs ApostropheCMS (Node.js, MongoDB, ImageMagick) along with installing ApostropheCMS itself.

Then create a new project on your computer and work on building your beautiful website.

The ApostropheCMS documentation will walk you through editing page templates, global content, creating custom widgets and navigation, along with configuring reusable "pieces" and global settings. Plus, a whole lot more!

Taking it Further

Our documentation also covers advanced topics such as managing permissions, working with ApostropheCMS data, building forms, and hosting an ApostropheCMS site in production.

Moreover, there's tons of great info in the "How To" section of the docs, and it's always growing!

Extending the Core with Modules

ApostropheCMS is Node.js all the way through, which means it can be extended in all sorts of interesting ways. Here's a list of some of our favorite modules:

Additional Resources

We've got some great open-source tools and how-to articles that can help you out deploying, managing and maintaining ApostropheCMS sites.


Report bugs and submit pull requests via github.

Ask how-to questions via StackOverflow. Be sure to tag them apostrophe-cms.

Stay up to date with announcements on our forum.

Chat with the community on our Discord server.


ApostropheCMS is released under the MIT License.