Adds a Flickr set widget to the Apostrophe content management system

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<script type="module">
  import apostropheFlickr from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apostrophe-flickr';




apostrophe-flickr is a widget for the Apostrophe content management system. Apostrophe lets you display a set-based Flickr widget in any content area. apostrophe-flickr is particularly named to allow for a more robust apostrophe-flickr module in the future.

Configuration in App.js


In order to make calls to the Flickr API, you'll need to have an API token, available here. While Flickr is generous about their rate limit (~3600 queries/hr), we're caching pretty heavily by default (updating every 20 minutes). If you need a shorter caching period, simply pass lifetime: [# in ms] to your apostrophe-flickr in your app.js.


You may need to determine a specific size of image that you want back from Flickr, and an option in app.js uses the labels available within Flickr. You can check out those names listed in the response labels here. For instance, if I want the Large Square option as listed in the API documentation, I simply need to pass size: 'Large Square' and the Flickr widget will grab the appropriate size.


'apostrophe-flickr': {
  //Actual key and secret here
  flickrKey: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  flickrSecret: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  // Define your image size here
  size: 'Medium 640'

Templates & Client Side JS


You can overide the default templates at the project level for the Apostorph Flickr module by adding an apostrophe-flickr module to /lib/modules. There, you can override both the viewing template, flickr.html as well as flickrEditor.html.

Client Side JS

Most of the template-building logic for Apostrophe Flickr happens in /public/js/content.js and so you can override that at the project level as well. What is likely more useful, however, is a convenience method already attached to the apos.widgetPlayers.flickr object, namely afterLoad. At any point in your project's client side JS, simply override apos.widgetPlayers.flickr.afterLoad and add any slideshow or viewer logic there.