Fetches data for app store ratings

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Ever had the need to fetch ratings for your IOS App using node? Tired of deducing the types returned by the AppStore API? Then app-store-ratings is what you're looking for!


Simple wrapper that let's you fetch ratings for your IOS APP. Written in Typescript.


There is no well documented API that returns JSON objects for the IOS App ratings. There is an endpoint that returns XML or JSON. The API that returns XML contains more data than the one that returns JSON. Converting from XML to JSON on several projects got a bit tedious. And voila the package was born.


Simplest way to install app-store-ratings is to use npm, just npm install app-store-ratings which will download app-store-ratings and all dependencies.


No extensive tutorials required. Learn by example.


import {fetchRatings} from 'app-store-ratings';

    projectId: 'XXX', // the IOS App projectId
    country: 'YYY' // Optional country if your app is available across many stores
.then(ratings => console.log(ratings))

Entry type

export interface IAppStoreRating {
    id: string;
    title: string;
    updatedAt: string;
    content: string;
    rating: number;
    voteCount: number;
    voteSum: number;
    version: string;
    author: {
        name: string;
        uri: string;