Library for managing and spawning Node.js.

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Library for installing, managing, and spawning Node.js.

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Report issues to GitHub issues. Official issue tracker in JIRA.


npm i appcd-nodejs


import { spawnNode } from 'appcd-nodejs';

const child = await spawnNode({
    arch: undefined, // undefined to auto select, 'x86', or 'x64'
    args: [ '/path/to/some/file.js' ],
    detached: false,
    nodeHome: '/path/to/where/node/versions/are/stored',
    nodeArgs: [], // Node options to pass in before the `args`
    stdio: 'inherit', // can also be 'ignore' or whatever `spawn()` accepts
    v8mem: 'auto', // 'auto' sets the Node's v8 max memory limit to 50% total memory or max of 3 GB
    version: '8.11.1' // exact Node version to use

child.on('close', code => {
    console.log(`Process exited: ${code}`);

If the specified version of Node.js is not installed, it will download it and store the Node executable in the specified nodeHome.

By default, appcd-nodejs will use the Node.js version based on your machine's architecture. You can override this and explicitly pass in the arch option with a value of x86 or x64.

Everytime spawnNode() is called, it timestamps when the Node executable was run. Over time, serveral versions of Node may be installed. appcd-nodejs provides a purge function to remove old versions.

import { purgeUnusedNodejsExecutables } from 'appcd-nodejs';

const purged = purgeUnusedNodejsExecutables({
    maxAge: 90 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000, // max Node age in milliseconds (example is 90 days)
    nodeHome: '/path/to/where/node/versions/are/stored'



This project is open source under the Apache Public License v2 and is developed by Axway, Inc and the community. Please read the LICENSE file included in this distribution for more information.