Node.js port of Python's appdirs

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The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.

-- Andrew Tanenbaum

When it comes to storing application data, the convention on where to store your data varies from platform to platform.

This package is a port of the Python appdirs library, which provides a small set of methods which can be used to locate the preferred directories for user and site data for an application.

It currently supports OS X and Unix operating systems (Unix support is according to the XDG specification). Windows support is not yet implemented, but a pull request adding that would be greatly appreciated!


AppDirs.js is hosted on NPM, so you can simply install it, and add it to your package.json as a dependency.

$ npm install --save appdirs


The directories the AppDirs.js can help you locate are:

  • user data dir (user_data_dir)
  • user config dir (user_config_dir)
  • user cache dir (user_cache_dir)
  • site data dir (site_data_dir)
  • site config dir (site_config_dir)
  • user log dir (user_log_dir)


See the JSDocs for specifics on using the API.