Append copied text to the clipboard, optionally with separators

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<script type="module">
  import appendToClipboard from '';



A webextensions (Firefox) add-on to allow appending to the clipboard, optionally with a single or double line break in between as well as a "clear clipboard" option.

You may find Copy Plain Text or Copy Plain Text WE helpful if you wish to ensure your first copy is as plain text.

Screenshot of usage


  1. Add option to retrieve selection for appending as text or HTML or HTMl source (regardless of original source)
  2. Any way with webextensions to support additional copy flavors? Could support appending multiple images
  3. Once Firefox supports, use smoother clipboard API, and, if their webextensions implementation starts to allow for using the clipboard in background scripts, do so.
  4. Allow appending of link location or text (as per this comment of issue #1)
  5. Allow definition and use of multiple user-defined separators (in context submenu) (as per issue #1)
  6. Allow for appending into (and pasting from) numbered buffers
  7. Key commands for each command slot as in:; allow each to be customizable using
  8. Find way for "Clear clipboard" to work, or at least not show up, on empty tabs (setting <all_urls permission didn't work)