version feed for trusted application delivery

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version feed for trusted application delivery


appfeed generate

  Generate a keypair for signing application releases.

appfeed id

  Print the public key.

appfeed versions

  Print a list of versions with their hashes.

appfeed trusted
appfeed trusted REF

  Print a list of currently trusted nodes or if a version or hash REF
  is given, print the list of trusted nodes for REF.

appfeed trust ID

  Trust ID.

appfeed revoke ID

  Revoke trust in ID.

appfeed show REF

  Print the contents of REF, a version or hash.

appfeed publish --version=VERSION

  Publish data from stdin as VERSION.

appfeed replicate

  Replicate using stdin and stdout.


  --dir -d      Where to save the appfeed data
  --keyfile -k  Use this keyfile. Default: ~/.config/appfeed/keys.json


var appfeed = require('appfeed')

var feed = appfeed(db, sodium, opts)

Instantiate a feed from a leveldb handle db, a sodium implementation, and opts:

  • opts.secretKey - sodium private key
  • opts.publicKey - sodium public key
  • - abstract-blob-store implementation to store blobs

var dup = feed.replicate(opts, cb)

Return a duplex stream to replicate with another appfeed.

  • opts.blobs - when false, only replicate metadata, not blobs
  • opts.heads - when true, only pull down the latest version of blobs to save bandwidth

var wstream = feed.publish(doc, cb)

Return a writable stream wstream to publish content for doc:

  • doc.version - the version to publish this payload as.

cb(err, doc) fires with the doc.key of this release., cb)

Add trust for id.

feed.revoke(id, cb)

Revoke trust in id.

feed.trusted(from=null, cb)

Get an array of ids in cb(err, ids) which are trusted at from, or the latest update if from is null.


npm install -g appfeed
npm install appfeed


Thanks to blockai for sponsoring this project.