React Native module for integrating with AppHub

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apphub-ios is an iOS client for AppHub.

AppHub lets you instantly update React Native apps without resubmitting to the App Store.

Special thanks to Alex Akers and Ben Edelstein for their contributions to the library!


  • Instantly update app code and images without resubmitting to TestFlight or the App Store.
  • Manage compatability between multiple native and JavaScript versions of your app.
  • Download updates in the background, or while your app is executing.
  • Seamlessly "hot swap" updates during app use.
  • Require that testers and users are on the latest version of your app.

Getting Started

The AppHub Developer Dashboard is a service which hosts and manages versions of your React Native app. Sign up with GitHub to get started.

Image of AppHub Dashboard

Once you sign up, the dashboard will walk you through incorporating the AppHub SDK into your React Native app.

Hosting your own AppHub Server

Some developers wish to configure their own backend to host and serve builds to mobile clients. This is an advanced feature; most developers choose to use AppHub hosting and the AppHub developer dashboard.

See the AppHub docs for full documentation on self-hosting.

Developer Resources

Building a React Native app with AppHub?

Interested in contributing to AppHub?

We are hiring! Visit to learn more about working on the AppHub project.