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@appia librariry

I choosed the name of the library in memory of my grandfather, who was a great man ! Now that i have been a bit emotional lets dive into it !


Testing our react component is something that can be (sometimes) stressfull and painfull, let's face it. With this i tend to offer a set of usefful utils to facilitate the case of the unit tests with snapshot in react.

I used react-testing-library to help me in the effort to offer something of quality and that is, under the hood, maintained by a large community.

The packages in this repo will cover redux and react tests with / without react-router, graphql etc...

Getting started

Every packages are indepedant wich means you have to install them independently.

with yarn

yarn add -D @appia/component-test-utils

with npm

npm install --dev @appia/component-test-utils




import { itTestsAllMutations } from '@appia/component-test-utils';

import MyComponent from '../';

const testSets = {
  component: MyComponent,
  mutations: [{
    name: 'with props',
    props: {
      name: 'Markdown',
    state: {
      resume: 'Some stuffs going on here....'
  }, {
    name: 'without state',
    props: {
      name: 'Markdown',
  }, {
    name: 'with routing',
    path: '/markdown_path',
  }, {
    name: 'without props'
const { component, mutations } = testSets;

itTestsAllMutations(component, mutations);



import { itTestsCreateReducers } from '@appia/redux-test-utils';

import reducers, { initPage, initialState } from '..'; // supposed everything is there

// return a function to pass down props
const itShouldRetunsCorrectResults = itTestsCreateReducers(reducers, initialState);

// actual tests 
  action: initPage,
  mutations: [{
    name: 'initPage tests',
    props: {
      user: 'Markdown user'

Available packages

  • Test reducers / actions / initial state
  • Test react component with state / props
  • Test react component with aboves and react-router
  • Test react component with aboves and Redux
  • Test react component with aboves and graphql


Everyone is free to contribute or to ask for new features. If you have some issues do not hesitate to report it !