Find Steam games by their AppIDs or by their name. Convert one to the other.

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Use this package to easily convert Steam's AppIDs to their names and vice-versa!


await appid("Counter-Strike")  //  {appid:10,name:"Counter-Strike"}
await appid(730) // {appid: 730, name: "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"}
await appid(/Grand Theft Auto/) // [{"appid":5152,"name":"Grand Theft Auto IV"},{"appid":5656,"name":"Grand Theft Auto - Episodes from Liberty City Trailer"} ...]

Convert Name to AppID

If you supply appid with a String, it will search the list of current games and return a Promise resolving the first game found.

let dota = await appid("Dota 2");
dota.appid // 570

If you want all games that have the supplied name, use a Regular Expression.

AppID to Name

let mystery = await appid(4000); //  "Garry's Mod"

By Regular Expression

Get all games starting with "a"

await appid(/^a/i) // [{"appid":630,"name":"Alien Swarm"},{"appid":635,"name":"Alien Swarm Dedicated Server"},{"appid":640,"name":"Alien Swarm - SDK"},...]


Install appid using npm or yarn

$ npm i --save appid

$ yarn add appid

and require it in your project

const appid = require("appid");

Caught a Bug?

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Link the package to the global module directory: npm link
  3. Within the module you want to test your local development instance of ms, just link it to the dependencies: npm link appid. Instead of the default one from npm, Node.js will now use your clone of appid!