A configurator tool to extract properties from Spring Boot Config Server to a properties file or shell script.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Application configurator reading Spring Cloud Config Server for NodeJS


npm install application-configurator --save


const client = require("application-configurator");
client.properties_extractor("/opt/spark/conf", "spark", "", "", "export")


Configuring an application in general requires setting up initial shell scripts or properties which we will refer to via the --properties_file flag.

Writing to a properties file generally requires a tabular format where as initializing variables in a shell script will usually be written in an "export var1=value1" format which we can set via the --template flag. By default, it will assume tabular format. Otherwise specify "export".

That file will also be placed in a folder specific to the application, i.e. /opt/spark/conf, which we will set via the --folder flag.

We need the address of the spring cloud config server we will connect to via the --config_server_ip flag.

We need to know the application for which want to set its properties via the --application_name as the spring cloud config server can serve different properties for different applications.

The configurator can be called on the command line:

node examples/configure_command_line.js --folder "/opt/spark/conf" --config_server_ip "" --properties_file "" --application_name "spark" --template export

It could also be ran via a function call:

const configurator = require("application-configurator");
configurator.properties_extractor("/opt/spark/conf", "spark", "", "", "export")