Note: Still a work in progress. This package might still have breaking changes

Usage no npm install needed!

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Application Insights Cloudflareworkers

Note: Still a work in progress. This package might still have breaking changes

Provides application insights functionality in cloudflare workers


npm i --save applicationinsights-cloudflareworkers


If you are using webpack you might need change config to load package properly.

Alternative 1 (Recommended)

Use webpack-modules plugin

npm i --save-dev webpack-modules
// Add this to your webpack config file
const WebpackModules = require('webpack-modules');
module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
    new WebpackModules()

Alternative 2

Change mainFields setting (with my cause issues with other dependencies)

module.exports = {
  resolve: {
    mainFields: ['module', 'main']


Sample code:

import { ApplicationInsights, RequestData } from 'applicationinsights-cloudflareworkers'

const requestTest = new RequestData({
    name: 'Test',
    success: true,
    url: '',
    id: '15fadc35-65b2-41da-b86f-998dcb7489e3',
    properties: {
        anyName: 'anyValue',
    duration: '00.00:00:10.000000',
    responseCode: '200',

const ai = new ApplicationInsights({
    context: {
        '': 'testid',
    instrumentationKey: 'a08f3f2d-9884-4437-b6ec-c835d3d58d82', // Replace with your own instrumentationKey

// Pass in AvailabilityData, EventData, ExceptionData, MessageData, MetricData, PageViewPerfData, RemoteDependencyData or RequestData
ai.trackData(requestTest, 'RequestData') // type (second) argument might be required if you minify your code(unminified it can be inferred)

const res = await ai.flush() // Flush is not automatic. You need to call .flush()

// After flush it takes ~5 mins before you will see in application insights

console.log(`Status: ${res.status}`) // See response for errors if code is not 200

For more examples see the test folder

In application insights you will see: Request Application Insights Request Application Insights More Info


I am open to pull requests. Please summarize the changes you make. If you have large changes please open an issue, so we can discuss before you start working on the changes.