A Simple Ionic Academy Module

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Ionic Module Template

This is a template for building your own reusable Angular2/Ionic2 module using TypeScript. Supports Angular's ngc and Ahead-of-Time compiling out of the box.


Develop your module like any other Angular 2 module. Then, run npm run build to build a local copy.

When you're ready to publish to npm, run npm publishPackage.

If you'd like to test this package, run npm install ionic-module-template

npm link

Currently, modules must be published to npm. npm link packages will not install properly with our webpack confing (something on our list). If you can't push private code to npm, other options are a private npm repo/npm enterprise, or npm install from a git repo.

Using your module in an Ionic 2 app

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { IonicApp, IonicModule } from 'ionic-angular';
import { MyApp } from './app.component';
import { HomePage } from '../pages/home/home';

// Import your module
import { MyModule } from 'ionic-module-template';

  declarations: [
  imports: [

    MyModule // Put your module here
  bootstrap: [IonicApp],
  entryComponents: [
  providers: []
export class AppModule {}