April1 HTML extension

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import april1Html from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/april1-html';



HTML April1 extension.

Example template:

var template = A.template (
    A.html (
        A.head (
            A.title (A.insert ('title'))
        A.body (
            A.h1 (A.insert ('title')),
            A.p ('Hello, World.'),
            A.h1 ('List:'),
            A.ul (
                A.list (
                    A.li (
                        A.id (A.insert ('id')),
                        A.p (
                            A.insert ('text'),
                            A.img (
                                A.inClass ('item image'),
                                A.src (
                                    A.insert ('id')

Example values:

var values = {
    title: 'Test',
    items: [
        { id: 'item_1', text: 'This is the first item.' },
        { id: 'item_2', text: 'This is the second item.' }

Generate string:

var result = A.string (template, values);


<!DOCTYPE html>
<body><h1>Test</h1><p>Hello, World.</p><h1>List:</h1><ul>
<li id="item_1"><p>This is the first item.
<img class="item image" src="/img/item_1"/></p></li>
<li id="item_2"><p>This is the second item.
<img class="item image" src="/img/item_2"/></p></li>

Note that no extra whitespace is added to output. Actual result has no line breaks, unless explicitly added with \n.