Redux middlewear for composable, declarative control flow

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Aquaman allows you to build composable, declarative flows with Redux.

See full documentation.


What is Aquaman for?

Aquaman can be helpful if you need to guide users through a series of steps through an application. At Evernote, we use Aquaman to onboard new users by stepping through a series on educational modals and tooltips. Flows in Aquaman are built from arrays, where each item in the array represents a single step in the flow. Each step can be a Redux action (eg. show a modal or tooltip), a sub-series of actions (eg. show a tooltip, create a record, and fire a GA event -- all at once), or branch into a sub-flow based on user input.

Why use Aquaman?

Aquaman allows you to build components that know nothing about where in a flow they are, or what comes next. It just knows that they're in a flow. That means when you're constructing your flow, it's very clear what is going to happen in each step, and you can easily rearrange, remove, or reuse steps without breaking anything.