Node implementation of the Aquameta server

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import aquameta from '';


What can node-aquameta do?

Everything that the uwsgi currently does in Aquameta

Receives an http request and performs:

  • a page query
  • a datum query
  • apply auth middleware
  • return binary
  • open/close socket connections and through this: -- performs a datum query -- pass on notify's A script query will be added to the spec

The Datum API

The datum API server-side Which is packaged and delivered client-side for the same usage

The Widget API

Dynamic widget fetching/rendering Extensible so that other front-end architectures can be implemented

Babel transpiling

Transpile all code for ES6 syntax This will have to happen everywhere bundle_javascript is called

  • Page query, script query, widget query

In Database

Page query, script query, and widget query will all actually be run through bundle_javascript function

bundle_javascript function

Follows import statements and converts them to ES6 Evaluates export statements In fine, this will be a javascript compiler that is only interested in import/export statements