A 3D model viewer in JavaScript.

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<script type="module">
  import ara3dViewer from '';


Ara3D Online Model Viewer

The Ara 3D Viewer is an open-source and easy to configure and use 3D model viewer built as a thin wrapper on top of the popular Three.JS library.

The Ara 3D viewer combines the Three.JS library with several common loaders and utilities, and a boilerplate helper, into a single file (ara3d-viewer.js) making it easy to integrate a custom 3D viewer into your website with just a couple of lines of code.


  • Orbit controls - movement with the mouse
  • Default scene set-up:
    • Ground plane
    • Two shadowed lights
    • Slow model rotation
  • Drag and drop of models
  • Automatic phong material
  • UI controls for changing various settings
  • Frame rate and memory statistics
  • WebGL detector

Supported File Formats

  • .obj
  • .ply
  • .stl
  • .g3d
  • .dae
  • .3ds
  • .pdb
  • .pcb
  • .gcode
  • .gltf
  • .fbx

Using the Model Viewer

Virtually the simplest usage of the Ara viewer is the following example:

        <title>Simple Ara Viewer Example</title>
    <script src="araviewer.js"></script>
        ara.view({ url: 'testmodel.ply' });


  • .run
  • .setOptions
  • .defaultOptions
  • .addModel
  • .removeModel
  • .scene
  • .pause

Build Process

Call npm run build. This will call a gulp script (gulpfile.js) that minifies and concatenates the sources.

The main viewer code is writtein in TypeScript, and has to be built separately before running gulp.

Testing Process

Testing is done using Mocha and can be executed by npm test:

The Sources and Dependencies

The distributable file ara-viewer.js is a concatenation of:

  • Three.JS
    • The main Three.JS distributable
    • WebGL statistics utility
    • WebGL detector utility
    • Several file loaders for Three.JS from the examples/loaders folder
    • Three.JS Orbit controls from the examples/controls folder
  • Dat.GUI
  • The ara-viewer-main.js source file which encapsulates common Three JS boiler plate


The Ara viewer can be fully customized by passing a JSON object, describing the 3D scene.

    dom: document.getElement().body,
    models: [
            url: 'myfiles.stl',
            transform: {
            primitive: plane, 
            width: 40,
            height: 40,
            material: {
                color: 0x999999, 
                specular: 0x101010,
            transform: {
                rotation: {
                    x: -Math.PI/2,
                position: {
                    y: -0.5
    lights: [
            type: hemisphere,
            skyColor: 0x443333, 
            groundColor: 0x111122,
            intensity: 1,
            type: shadowedLight,
            position: { x: },
    camera: {
        target: { y: -0.1 },
        position: { x: 3, y: 0.15, z: 3 },
        fov: 35,
        near: 1,
        far: 15, 
    background: {
        color: 0x72645b,
    fog: {
        color: 0x72645b
        near: 2,
        far: 15, 
    stats: true,
    controls: true,