A web scraper (API) for ARBK

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import arbk from '';


.Lookup(lookupType: string, query: string, callback: function)

lookupType: The type of value you are searching:

  • emri
  • nrbiznesi
  • nrfiskal
  • idpronari
  • aktivitetikryesor
  • aktivitetetjera

query: The value you are searching.

callback: the callback with the data array as a parameter.

.Details(lookupID: string, callback: function)

lookupID: The .lookup_id you retrieve from the .Lookup callback.

callback: the callback with the data object as a parameter.

Usage example:

ARBK.Lookup("emri", "ferronikeli", (data) => {
    ARBK.Details(data[0].lookup_id, (data) => {