An array convenience subclass for javascript.

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An array convenience subclass for javascript.


$ npm install arc-array --save


  • callback based join
  • native convenience binding (if desired)
  • extends native array so should be compatible


new ArcArray(...args)

Create a new ArcArray object. Requires new

.joinCallback(callback:Function [, separator:String])

Create a string based on the returned values from a callback on each index of an array.

callback is a function that receives each value of the array, and is expected to return a value that will be used to create the joined string.

//Example of joinCallback
var items = new ArcArray('item1','item2','item3');
var string = items.joinCallback(function(_val){
    return '<li>'+_val+'</li>'

//String returned is: <li>item1</li><li>item2</li><li>item3</li>


This is a static method that binds a method to the native global array prototype that transforms any array into an ArcArray object. This has a global effect and should be used carefully.

var items = [1,'a','b',false].arc(); //This returns an ArcArray object


Accept an array, and if it is already an ArcArray return the same object, otherwise create a new ArcArray utilizing the passed in array


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