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Arc is the base layer of the DAO stack. It consists a set of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain that define the basic building blocks and standard components that can be used to implement any DAO.


DAOstack Arc is still in its alpha version. Arc is intended to provide secure, tested and community-audited code, but please use common sense when doing anything that deals with real money! We take no responsibility for your implementation decisions and any security problem you might experience.

Getting Started

  1. Please install Truffle and initialize your project with truffle init.
    npm install -g truffle
    mkdir myproject && cd myproject
    truffle init
  2. Install the @daostack/arc package: npm install @daostack/arc.
    • .sol Source code is found under node_modules/@daostack/arc/contracts
    • .json Compiled contracts are found under node_modules/@daostack/arc/build/contracts
  3. Import in your project:
    import '@daostack/arc/contracts/universalSchemes/UniversalScheme.sol';
    contract MyContract is UniversalScheme {
    You should be able to find all @daostack/arc already built contracts (.json) ready for deployment under node_modules/@daostack/arc/build/contracts/ folder.
  4. Read the documentation to get a better understanding of how to use Arc.


PRs are welcome but please first consult with the Contribution guide.

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To contribute to Arc development start by cloning the repo and installing the dependencies:

git clone
cd arc
npm install


Available commands while developing:

  • npm run build - Compile all contracts to the build/ folder.
  • npm run test - This will run ganache-cli, compile, migrate and run all tests.
  • npm run lint - Check all JavaScript code for style & good practices.
  • npm run solium - Check all Solidity code for style & good practices.
  • npm run docs:<update|build|deploy|preview> - See this for details.


Arc has a prebuilt Docker image that makes development environments consistent and cross-platform. To start developing inside this environment:

  1. Install Docker in your favorite OS/platform.
  2. Run docker run --rm -it -v <path to repo>:/home/arc daostack/arc (*May require Admin/root permissions).
  3. The container will automatically git clone or git fetch depending on if <path to repo> is empty, and will install any dependencies.
  4. Continue development inside the container.


This is an open-source project (GPL license).