Easy to use React DOM DSL, for when you don't or can't use JSX

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import archDom from '';



A small utility for helping to write React components without JSX.


  • No need to pass null props when not required (just pass children) in 99% of cases.
  • Pass children as function arguments rather than an array.

Usage (LiveScript):

React = require 'react'
{ div, h1, span, img } = require 'arch-dom'

module.exports = class SomeComponent extends React.Component
  render: ->
    div do
      h1 "Welcome, user!"
      span "This is the home page."
      img do
        src: "http://some/image.png"
        alt: "A picture of a dolphin."

To wrap your own component with the DSL you can just pass it to arch-dom

dom = require 'arch-dom'
post = dom require '../components/post'