The Arch Wiki as linux man pages

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A tool to browse and search a constantly updated local copy of the entire Arch Wiki on the command line using man.



With colors (this depends on your own configuration) and showing off language support:



npm install -g arch-wiki-man

Or install it through the AUR. For example, using yaourt:

yaourt -S arch-wiki-man

Update with awman-update

Updates are pushed automatically every two days to, a dependency for this project.

Fetch all changes with the awman-update script:


Even when there are no new changes since the last update, running awman-update will actually reinstall the underlying repo, so you can use it in case something somehow goes wrong.

Update by reinstalling the package

awman-update is faster and more convenient, but you can also get the latest changes simply by reinstalling this global package:

npm install -g arch-wiki-man   # for npm users
yaourt -S arch-wiki-man        # for AUR users (yaourt is just an example, use any helper you want)

Usage & Examples


awman beginners guide

Just one match for beginners guide so the article will open with man. By the way, awman stands for arch wiki man.

Multiple matches

awman guide

There are multiple matches for guide so a selection menu will be displayed. Use the arrow keys or vim-style keybindings (j/k) to select the one to read.

Search in descriptions

awman -d i3

The -d or --desc-search option causes searches to scan both the titles and the descriptions for a match.


awman -k wayland

The familiar -k or --apropos option causes searches to scan the contents for a match as well. It's worth noting that this option makes searches run significantly slower.

Open in a browser

awman -w tmux

The -w or --web option opens the resulting match in a web browser rather than with man. It uses xdg-open to open the relevant url in your default browser.


(sorry for the bad resolution in this screenshot)

Search in other languages

awman -l spanish openbox

The default is English and you can get a list of available language options with awman --list-languages. For now though, only the articles that are hosted on the same domain as the English Arch Wiki have been added to the database.

If your search fails to find any results, awman will automatically fall back to an English-language search.

Cancel searches

Simply do a ctrl-c to exit the selection menu without entering man. To exit man, press q.


Licensed under GPLv3