A flexible template generator for any project

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A flexible template generator for any project

  • Implements the generation of files according to a prepared template
  • Allows you to process assets
  • File customization and support for any frameworks
  • Support EsLint/Prettier


See the full documentation


Architect-project requires Node.js v6+ to run.

Install architect-project with npm

npm install -D architect-project

or yarn

yarn add --dev architect-project

CLI command structure

To see all commands, write arc in your terminal and you will see this

  -V, --version           output the version number
  -w, --watch             use watcher
  -e, --eslint            use esLint
  -mta, --module_to_atom  from module to atom
  -atm, --atom_to_module  from atom to module
  -u, --undo              undoing changes
  -r, --redo              redoing changes
  -c, --config <path>     path of the configuration to use
  -h, --help              display help for command

  start|s                 Start architect-project generation
  convert|con             Convert source-map
  change                  Undoing and Redoing Changes
  help [command]          display help for command

Command arc start|s

To start generating files based on templates and source-map, which we covered in the previous chapters, you need to run arc start|s .

You can run this command with flags arc s --watch |--eslint |--config <path>

-w, --watch - this flag allows you to start tracking files, specified in config.js

-e, --eslint - this flag starts Eslint, which looks at the generated files and makes them look pretty

  • there must be files .eslintrc.js and .prettierrc.js if you use this in the root of the project *

-c, --config <path> - this flag lets you run Architect with a custom path to the settings directory

  • by default this directory should be named architect *

Command arc convert|con

arc convert is used to translate source-map from modular to atomic state

You can run this command with flags arc con --module_to_atom | --atom_to_module

Command arc change

Every time you use arc con --module_to_atom | --atom_to_module Architect retains the history of the previous states of source-map If suddenly you did something wrong, you can easily undo your actions using the command arc change

You can run this command with flags arc change --undo | --redo