Check and enforce proper architecture standards for Nuxt projects

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What is this repository for?

Archlint is a tool for checking and enforcing proper standards for Nuxt projects.

Featured Rules:

  • Lint naming conventions for files
  • TODO: Lint Vue Store Usage
  • TODO: Lint directory structure

How do I get set up?

  • From your working repo, run: npm install --save-dev archlint

  • Copy and paste the contents of exampleSetup to the root of your working repo

  • In your working repo's package.json add:

"scripts": {
    "archlint": "archlint",
  • To run a lint-check, run: npm run archlint

Contribution guidelines

  • TODO: Writing tests
  • Code review
  • Other guidelines

Who do I talk to?

  • Spencer Marx: