NPM package for interaction with ardor node

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NodeJs Ardor API Wrappeer pacages
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Welcome the NodeJs Ardor API wrapper package


How to use this package?


As any NPM package, please use the following command in your web application project to install the package:

npm install ardor-api-wrapper

The package will also install its required depedencies.


The usage may depend on the Front-End framework you're using, but you can keep in mind that we will mainly maintain the use of Observables as return values.


Below is the development roadmap for this package. This map may be adjusted according to feedbacks from users and community members.

  • Done

    • Initialization of the package
    • Automatic build (using TravisCI) and deployment process to NPM
  • In progress:

    • Remove dependency to Angular HttpClient and use native promises then transform them to Observable
    • Add references to the documentation of the API calls
    • Add tests for each API call
    • Add mandatory parameters in the input parameters for each call
    • Enhance return values (by using model and retun typing)
    • Add usage example for different Front-End frameworks
    • Add local signing of the transactions and avoid sending passphrase to the remote node
    • Add local storage support to handle in-app encryption of the passphrase for future uses

Technical details

This section deals with some technical choices made during the developement of this package.

In Progress

How to contribute?

If you want to contribute to this package, please feel free to submit pull request and I will review and merge them as soon as possible.

Help & Bugs reporting

If you have any question, need assistance or found an issue with this package, please visit the Ardor Slack or Discord channels.

You can also reach me on twitter @aajaji_m