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1.0 by Simon Monk Library as downloaded 02Feb2012 22:55 UTC from

1.1 by Jack Christensen Changed data types of variables and functions: o event types and indexes changed from int to int8_t. o periods and durations changed from lon to unsigned long. o update() and stop() functions typed as void, since they return nothing. o pin numbers and pin values changed from int to uint8_t, this agrees with digitalWrite(). o added return values to Timer::pulse() and Timer::oscillate(uint8_t, unsigned long, uint8_t). o changed test in Event::update() to use subtraction to avoid rollover issues. o Updated keywords.txt file to include all functions.

1.2 by Damian Philipp o Added a range check to Timer::stop() to avoid memory corruption. o Added constants to <Timer.h>: - NO_TIMER_AVAILABLE: Signals that while an event was to be queued, no free timer could be found. - TIMER_NOT_AN_EVENT: Can be used to flag a variable that might contain a timer ID as not containing a timer ID o Replaced a bunch of magic numbers in <Timer.cpp> by the above constants o Added several comments o Added Timer::pulseImmediate(). pulseImmediate sets the pin to the specified value for the given duration. After the duration, the pin is set to !value.

1.3 by Jack Christensen o Added "blink2" example illustrating flashing two LEDs at different rates. o 19Oct2013: This is the last v1.x release. It will continue to be available on GitHub as a branch named v1.3. Future development will continue with Sandy Walsh's v2.0 which can pass context (timer ID, etc.) to the callback functions.