Argon UI clientlib is a helper package for Argon UI that converts regular JS or CSS package to a clientlib

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  import argonuiClientlibs from '';



Converts a regular javascript or css package to an AEM client library


npm install --save-dev argonui-clientlibs

This package is part of ArgonUI Boilerplate. However, it can function independently based on your project needs.

How does it work?

The package requires argon.config.js file. The configuration looks something like this:

const clientlibDist = `apps/settings/wcm/designs`;
const projectName = `argonui`;
module.exports = {
    jcrRoot: 'dist/jcr_root', // This path will have preference over "target" if it exists
    target: 'dist', // Target root folder
    clientlibs: {
        vendor: {
            categories: ['argonui.vendor'],
            basePath: `${clientlibDist}/${projectName}/clientlibs/vendor.publish`,
            paths: [
        global: {
            categories: [''], // Clientlib categories
            // Processor configuration for clientlib minification
            jsProcessor: [
            basePath: `${clientlibDist}/${projectName}/clientlibs/global.publish`, // where .content.xml will be placed
            paths: [
                // Scan these folders for js and css files

To convert a regular JS path to a client library run following command

npx create-clientlib


npx create-clientlib --config=someOtherFileName.config.js