An tiny tool to make sure all arguments are as expected.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Runtime Argument Test

We are always check the arguments in every function, such as below:

function get(name) {
    if (!name || !name.length) {
        throw new Error('name is empty');

    // code body

funtion set(config) {
    if (typeof config !== 'object') {
        throw new Error('config must be an object');

    if (!config.prop1) {
        throw new Error('must provide config.prop1');

    if (!typeof config.prop2 !== 'number') {
        throw new Error('config.prop2 must be a number');

    // code body

These checks are annoying but indispensable.

This tool provide a unified assertion checking for your project, like below:

var expect = require('expect');
function get(name) {

    // code body

funtion set(config) {
        .has( { 'prop2' :  Number} );

    //code body

If any condition fail, it will throw error. (or any custom event).

The tool has very tiny size, and easily to use, especially in node.js .

How to Use

NodeJS: install via npm:

npm install args-expect


copy lib/args-expect-min.js to your project folder

API List

  1. expect(obj).isElement();

  2. expect(obj).isObject()

  3. expect(obj).isArray()

  4. expect(obj).isFunction()

  5. expect(obj).isBoolean()

  6. expect(obj).isNull()

    • return true, if obj is null or undefined
  7. expect(obj).isEmpty()

    • check if obj is null or undefined, or is string / array but has zero length.
  8. expect(obj).notNull()

  9. expect(obj).notEmpty()

  10. expect(obj).toEqual( value )

  11. expect(obj).is( type [,...] )

    • check if obj is match any of incoming types.

        expect(obj).is( String, Object ) // expect the object is String or Object
        expect(obj).is( CustomizeClass ) // expect the object is instance of CustomizeClass
  12. expect(obj).has(propName)

    • check if obj is an Object and has all specified properties.

        expect(obj).has(['key', 'prop1']);
    • check if obj has all specified properties and match the given types.

                key: String,
                prop1: Number

Check Multi Args

expect.all(1, 2, 3).isNumber();

use expect.all() to check multi arguments with one line

Error Report Method

The default report method will throw error.

We can use mode() to create new expect obj with new report method:

// create a new expect object with log report.
var expect = require('expect').mode('log');

// if any condition fail, it will log warning message on console

Or use any custom event

// create a new expect object with alert report
var expect = require('expect').mode(function(msg) {

expect('123').isString(); // it will alert warning message.

Since mode() will create new expect instance, We can use disable() to disable all instance at one shot.


Get The Check Result

// disable the report mode
expect = expect.mode('none');
var result = expect(1).isString();


use result.rejected to get the check result.

Module Standard Supported

This tool is support CommonJS, AMD, KMD, module standard.


If you have any questions, please feel free to create new issue.