JavaScript Widgets for Argumenta.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import argumentaWidgets from '';


Argumenta Widgets

JavaScript widgets for Argumenta. Designed for Use anywhere on the web!
Includes arguments, propositions, and (support, dispute, citation) tags.


To use Argumenta widgets on any page, just include the JavaScript source and a widget element.
Here's an example argument widget. It displays the latest argument published at the given repo:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- Widget Element -->
    <div class="argument-widget" data-repo="qualiabyte/my-argument-^_^"></div>
    <!-- Argumenta Widgets -->
    <script src=""></script>

When the JavaScript loads, any placeholders on the page are automatically activated.
This initializes each widget, loading content from data- attributes and Argumenta's REST API.



Argument data can either be specified directly, or loaded via the REST API.
Just set one of the following options: argument, sha1, or repo.

<!-- Loads argument data directly, or from API by SHA-1 or repo. -->
<div class="argument-widget" data-argument='{"title":"My Argument ^_^","premises":["The first premise!","The second premise!"],"conclusion":"The conclusion.","object_type":"argument","sha1":"50250211801dabf9cbf0e574af270ba2c3fe83cb","repo":"my-argument-^_^","metadata":{"discussions_count":"1"},"commit":{"object_type":"commit","sha1":"ec9a968237e676e954f4a56d1b54727e457825b9","target_type":"argument","target_sha1":"50250211801dabf9cbf0e574af270ba2c3fe83cb","committer":"qualiabyte","commit_date":"2013-05-28T12:34:01Z","parent_sha1s":[],"host":null}}'></div>
<div class="argument-widget" data-sha1="50250211801dabf9cbf0e574af270ba2c3fe83cb"></div>
<div class="argument-widget" data-repo="qualiabyte/my-argument-^_^"></div>

When using the REST API, no other options are required – but the display options may still be useful!
These include show_propositions and show_discussions.

<!-- Changes the default display options. -->
<div class="argument-widget" data-show_propositions="false" data-sha1="50250211801dabf9cbf0e574af270ba2c3fe83cb"></div>
<div class="argument-widget" data-show_discussions="true" data-sha1="50250211801dabf9cbf0e574af270ba2c3fe83cb"></div>

Here's the full list of argument options:

  • argument Object The argument data.
  • argument.title String The title.
  • argument.premises Array<String> The premises.
  • argument.conclusion String The conclusion.
  • argument.object_type String The object type. ("argument")
  • argument.metadata Object The argument's metadata.
  • argument.metadata.discussions_count Number The discussions count. (Default: 0)
  • commit Object The argument's commit data.
  • propositions Array<Object> An array of argument propositions data. (Optional; for caching)
  • repo String The argument's repo. (Example: "user/repo")
  • sha1 String The argument's SHA-1.
  • show_discussions Boolean Whether to show discussions initially. (Default: false)
  • show_propositions Boolean Whether to show propositions initially. (Default: true)


Argumenta widgets can also be installed as a node module, for convenient use in other projects.

$ npm install argumenta-widgets

To use this local module, create a link to the desired assets:

$ ln -s ./node_modules/argumenta-widgets/development ./widgets  # For development.
$ ln -s ./node_modules/argumenta-widgets/production ./widgets   # For production.