Package that simplifies handling of CLI arguments.

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Easily create Nodejs CLI applications with Argumentator.
This package lets you abstract from manually iterating through process.args array.
Use Argumentator and it will to handle context object and --manual functionality for you.


npm i -save argumentator

How to use

  • Declare the arguments you expect to handle

const expectedArguments = [
    flags: '--argument1',
    description: 'Disables console output',
    action: () => {
       return {
           a1: "aaaaaa"
    flags: '--copy',
    description: 'Copies created figlets',
    value: {myValue: "hello"}
  • Ask Argumentator to build your context object

const expectedArguments = [ ... ];
const argumentator = require("argumentator");

const context = argumentator(expectedArguments);

How does it work

  • Run your app with arguments, like this

$ node myApp "text" "text2" --copy --name="John Doe"
  • Argumentator will build the following context:

    // these are collected solely from arguments:
    texts: ["text", "text2"],
    copy: true,
    name: "John Doe",

    // these are assembled from expectedArgs
    // value and action parameters:
    a1:  "aaaaaa",
    myValue: "hello"

Argumentator creates --manual

You don't have to worry about --manual for your CLI tool.
Argumentator will automatically assemble --manual from expectedConfig.

  • You will be able to use it like this on your app
$ node myApp --manual

Flags:    Description:                     
--------  ---------------------------------
--silent  Disables console output          
--copy    Copies created figlets           
--manual  Shows all available CLI arguments

This package is licensed under MIT license