A cross-platform Desktop electron wrapper for ziahamza/webui-aria2

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aria2ui is an Electron wrapper for ziahamza/webui-aria2. This package bundles the aria2c binary with the webui-aria2 interface.

Pre-built Packages

Pre-built packages of aria2ui are available on the releases page.

The packages have been tested on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), MacOS (10.13.6) and Windows (10) all x64.


To install, run npm install then run npm start to start locally.

To bundle into an executable run npm run build. This will package the application into an installable exectuable under "build/".

Upon installation it will download the latest version of aria2 binary for your platform.


All command line arguments will be forwarded to aria2c so aria2ui --dir="~/Downloads" would work the same way aria2c --dir="~/Downloads" does. By default aria2c will listen to a random port and use a random rpc secret. To use a custom port and/or secret use the rpc-listen-port and rpc-secret arguments, aria2ui will connect to the specified port and use the specified secret.

Using get-aria2 aria2ui will download the latest aria2c binary for your platform. To use a different aria2c binary, set the ARIA2_PATH environment variable. To use an aria2c binary in the PATH use ARIA2_PATH=aria2c.


To build run npm run build. By default it will build an executable for the platform you're currently using. To build for all platforms run npm build-all.

To build for Windows on a non-Windows machine you'll need Wine 1.6 or higher.

To build for Mac you need iconutil to render the ".icns" file for the icon. I'm not sure you can build for Mac on a non-Mac platform notwithstanding.