an iframe library to manage our front applications

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  import ariadnextIframeManager from '';



This library is used to help the integration of our applications in iframe.


$ npm i ariadnext-iframe-manager


You need to import the ariadnext-iframe-manager. You can use import / require in your javascript source or a script tag.


var ariadnextIframeManager = require("ariadnext-iframe-manager");
ariadnextIframeManager.createIFrame("the_iframe_url", "#an-id", {
    eventsHandler: (event) => console.log(event),
    id: "axt-iframe"

After the import of the iframe manager, you can create an iframe with the function createIFrame.

This function needs three parameters, the link of your future iframe, the id where to put the future iframe and options.

In the options you need to send a callback for the events sent by the iframe in post message and you also need to send the id of the future iframe. This id can be used to refresh the iframe when you recall createIFrame with a new link.

The received event contain the type of the event and all the data sent by the iframe.

Event data example:

        "type": "TYPE_MESSAGE_ENDED",
        "publicToken": "a1c846bc-cd8c-46fb-9dc5-672ea71120d8-3349283103957800"


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