React helper to ease passing parent components callbacks down to their children

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  import ariana from '';


Ariana : React helper to ease passing parent components callbacks down to their children.

  • Ariana ease passing components callbacks down to their children in a react application.


npm install --save ariana


import Ariana from 'ariana';
  1. Create a 'callbacks object' (an object that contains all component's callbacks) :
//In Main.jsx
const mainCallbacks = {
  handleFiltering: filterInput => this.setState(filterInput),
  log: s => alert(s)
  1. Instantiate a new root wrapper with the callbacks object by calling Ariana :
//In Main.jsx
const wrapper = Ariana(mainCallbacks);
  1. Pass the 'wrapper' to children components using 'props' :
//In Main.jsx
  1. Use any callback in a child component using the 'wrapper' passed via 'props' :
//In Filters.jsx
const { ariana } = this.props;

  filterText: "Ariana"
  1. Overload parent callbacks behaviour by adding new callbacks functions at each stage of the react-app's components tree:
//In Table/index.jsx
const { ariana } = this.props;

const tableCallbacks = {
  handleSorting: newSort => this.setState(newSort),
  log: () =>
      "Wow... Table/index.jsx component's 'log' callback has been called."
    ) //overload parent's 'log' callback

//add a child wrapper to handle callbacks of this child component
const lisa = ariana.child(tableCallbacks);

//pass lisa(ariana's child) via props to this component's child (Header.jsx)
<Header lisa={lisa} />
  1. Access a grandparent's callbacks by using the wrapper's 'parent' property :
//In Header.jsx
  onClick={() => {
    /*use the the parent component's callback*/
      sort: {
        by: column,
        asc: !true
    /*use the the grandparent component's callback*/
      "Jeez... Main.jsx component's 'log' callback has been called."
    ); //it could be possible to do lisa.parent.parent.[...].log()
  1. At any time you can create a copy of the callbacks object contained in the wrapper :
const mainCallbacksCopy = ariana.eject();


  • You can use any key name in callback objects except the words reserved by Ariana : 'child', 'parent', 'val' and 'eject' which are functions names of the wrapper.


See the full example here.