Audio player for the Spinitron Ark radio webcast archive service

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The Spinitron Ark Player is a widget you can use on a web page. It allows visitors to play recordings of a radio webcast from Spinitron's Ark service.

Demo and instructions

Combined demo and instructions for web page authors on how to use the widget.

Use the widget on your web site

You can use the widget on your web site if you comply with these Terms of Service. The demo page linked above has instructions.

Access to audio files

If you run the Ark Player on a server of your own and for listeners to access archives managed by Spinitron, ask Spinitron to authorize your origin (CORS) to access the audio files.

Using the widget as a dependency in your project

If you're using NPM then you can

npm install ark-player

and import it from there into your project.

Developer instructions

If you intend to customize or change the player, e.g. to change its appearance or behavior, please fork this repo in Github and push your changes to your repo. (We use MPL for this work to encourage you to give your improvements back to the community.) Feel free to send pull requests.

We use git, Sass, Babel, Rollup and NPM. Find instructions for using those elsewhere.

Clone the git repo locally and then, in the repo dir, run npm install.

After making your change in the src directory, npm run build should update the files in dist.

Copyright and license

All files in this repository are Copyright Spinitron LLC.

You may use, modify, and/and redistribute this work under conditions of the Mozilla Public License 2.0.