Sass toolkit for Ark Plumbing

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Ark Plumbing Sass

NPM Version:

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As there is two sites Ark Plumbing has it makes sense to have one repo for all of the styles are needed.



The base folder offers different base files that are generic across both websites, these include margins, padding spaces, heading sizes, etc.

Base currently includes:

  • Typography Sizes
  • Colours
  • Reset
  • Page Styles
  • Image
  • Sass functions
  • Container
  • Spacing


The components folder stores styles for specific pieces of UI such as buttons, forms, the footer and masthead, and things like that.

Components currently includes:

  • Button
  • Footer
  • Forms
  • Grid
  • Imagespace
  • Masthead
  • Proposition
  • Typography (Actual typography size classes)