An Arkivo mail plugin.

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An Arkivo plugin to send Zotero attachments by e-mail.


Install arkivo and arkivo-mailer with NPM:

$ npm install arkivo arkivo-mailer

Needless to say, you can also install both modules globally.

Add a minimal configuration file, e.g., config/default.json:

  "arkivo": {
    "plugins": [ "arkivo-mailer" ]

You can also configure the plugin's default settings in your config file:

  "arkivo": {
    "plugins": [ "arkivo-mailer" ],

    "mailer": {
      "from": "",
      "subject": "Arkivo Update",

      "mimetypes" [

For more configuration options, please consult Arkivo's documentation.

Now you start your Arkivo service:

$ $(npm bin)/arkivo up

To ensure that the mailer plugin has been loaded, you can check the output of:

$ $(npm bin)/arkivo-plugins list