Modernized version of the arp-a-x package

Usage no npm install needed!

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ARP All Cross (X) Platform Version 2

Modernized version of the arp-a-x package.

Like the original uses native implementation when possible. Returns promises and provides JSDoc types for VSCode and TypeScript integration.

Note that the API has changed and is not backwards compatible!


npm install -g --unsafe-perm arp-a-x-2


const { arpTable, ipLookupMap, macLookup } = require('arp-a-x-2');

(async () => {
  // Get the entire ARP table
  console.log(await arpTable());

  // ES6 Map from IP addresses to devices (see type signature)
  console.log(await ipLookupMap());

  // Can also find a device based by its MAC address (case-insensitive)
  console.log(await macLookup('xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'));