Assisted Review Portal Uploader

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Assisted Review Portal Uploader


This tool allows you to upload screenshots (PNG) and issues (JSON) detected by the Globalization Automation Library to the Assisted Review Portal.


Install the package via npm and save it as a dev dependency:

npm install arp-uploader -D

This will update the existing package.json or generate a new one for you.

Upload using command line

set TOKEN=***your token***
set SCREENFOLDER=c:\screens\en-US
npm run upload -- -p myProject -b 0.43.445 -l en-US -t %TOKEN% -f %SCREENFOLDER%

Or from npm script in package.json

  "config": {
    "product": "MyProduct",
    "language": "ja-JP",
    "build": "1.0.3",
    "restapi": ""
  "scripts": {
    "upload": "cross-var arp-upload -p $npm_package_config_product -b $npm_package_config_build -l $npm_package_config_language -t $ARPTOKEN -r $npm_package_config_restapi -f ./screenshots/$npm_package_config_language",