Abstract relational query engine

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arqe - Abstract Relational Query Engine

General purpose engine for making anything available via a relational query interface. Implemented in Typescript.

Current project status: Experimental phase, not ready to use yet.


  • A query engine that handles parsing, planning, and execution.
  • A framework for creating entire applications by defining relational-style tables.
  • An easy API for mounting your own arbitrary data or functions into the system.
  • Standard tables for things like accessing the filesystem, network, caching, etc.

Overall goals:

  • Investigate the question: What if everything in a software project was modeled and implemented as relational-style tables?
  • Live programming. No build & restart cycle. The system is just always available.
  • High visibility. Each part of the system can be examined.
  • High collaboration.
  • Provide a really useful CLI shell.
  • Store code as structured relational data, enabling "nosyntax" style IDEs.
  • Unified storage for all the other "non-code" metadata that happens in typical software projects: configs, feature flags, branching, versioning, a/b traffic splitting, and more.
  • Unified software tooling. Have one system that does lots of things, instead of many different unitasker tools.

Inspirations and influences:

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