Array.prototype augmentations, no complex

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Array.prototype augmentations, no complex.

I know this is bad but _( _( _( this ).is ).ugly() while Furthemore, I promise to modify all .prototype invocations on modules that are becoming popular.


All helpers are atomised in AMD modules. You can use it for instance with require.js or almond.js.

You can require juste one, such as map ( define('myModule', ['Array.nocomplex/map']); ) or group exists, such as Array/basics, Array/math or Array.nocomplex/all


Array/basics provide the following :

  • map
  • collect
  • first
  • has
  • last
  • onEls
  • remove
  • removeOneValue * except
  • exceptFn
  • uniq
  • equals


    [10,20].map(function(n) { return n * 2 }); // [20, 40]


Such as map, but provide a useful tricks :

    [{ name : 'cyril'}, { name : 'piercus'}].collect('name') // ['cyril', 'piercus']


Useful, allow you to call a method on each element of the array

[{ callMe : function(arg) { console.log(arg)}}, { callMe : function() { console.log('world')}}].send('callMe', 'hello'); // log 'hello' and then 'world'


Return a new array with all found occurences


Return the first found occurence wich evaluate to true


Return array[0]


Return true if instance has value

['cyril', 'piercus'].has('cyril'); // true


Replaces every element of this with f(element)


If found, the argument is removed from the array


Return the last element of the array


Return a new array without the element that are the same at the argument





Useful helpers when dealing with geometry.

Array/math provide the following :

  • equals
  • multiply
  • divide
  • minus
  • add
  • round
  • norm




Array.nocomplex is coded as amd module but can be installed with npm, bower or old-fashioned src=".min.js".

With npm:

npm install array-nocomplex

and use it with nodejs:

var ArrayNocomplex = require('array-nocomplex')

With bower:

bower install Array.nocomplex

and use it with requirejs

require(['Array.nocomplex/Array.nocomplex'], function( ArrayNocomplex ){


With src=" .min.js"

Inside the dist folder, download latest standalone minified version or development version and include it in your html page:

<script src="[path_to_source]/Array.nocomplex-latest-standalone-min.js%>"></script>

The module is available via the scope



See jsdoc-generated documentation in /documentation

Folder Structure

app         ->  development files
|- bower_components          ->  [bower]( front-end packages
|- main.js                   ->  main file for browser and node.js, handle AMD config
|- array.nocomplex   -> main AMD module
test        ->  unit tests
tasks       -> [Grunt]( tasks, see [generator-mangrove-module](
dist        ->  distribution & build files
node_modules -> node packages
documentation  -> [jsdoc]( generated documentation 

Run unit tests

On the browser

Run grunt test:browser and open test/ on your browser.

 On a headless browser

grunt test:headless will run your tests in a headless browser, with phantomjs and mocha

On node

grunt test:node will run your tests with node and mocha.

Because of requirejs, the mocha command does not work.

To do

  • check future default implementations
  • base all naming on lodash

Build your own

This project uses Node.js, Grunt and Require.js for the build process. If for some reason you need to build a custom version install Node.js, npm install and run:

grunt build

 Yeoman Mangrove module Generator

This module is based on a Yeoman generator: Generator-mangrove-module
Check it for task-related references such as build, deploy etc ..


MIT License