Useful functions to use with array of objects.

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Array of Objects

Useful functions to help working with Javascript Array of Objects


Install the package


  "dependencies": {
    "array-of-objects-functions": "latest"

After that (with Yarn):

yarn install

Or with NPM:

npm install

And finally you can use it in your project:

import { getUniqueValues } from "array-of-objects-functions"

const arrayOfObjects = [
    name: "John"
    name: "James"
    name: "John"

const uniqueNames = getUniqueValues(arrayOfObjects, "name")


1) getUniqueValues(arrayOfObjects, propertyName)

This function returns an array containing only the unique values of a specific property in the objects. It accepts as parameters first the ArrayOfObjects and second - a string of the property name.

2) findFirstOneMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)

3) findLastOneMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)

4) findAllMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)

5) removeFirstOneMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)

6) removeLastOneMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)

7) removeAllMatching(arrayOfObjects, propertyName, propertyValue)


Everybody can contribute

Useful commands (examples with yarn)

Build your code:

yarn build

Run tests:

yarn test

Generate test coverage:

yarn test:coverage

Run ESLint:

yarn lint


Please before opening a PR for this package - run tests and eslint and fix the errors in your code. Also for new functions - please add tests.