peek functionality for arrays, allow execution of functionality for each element of the array and continue procesing of the same

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extend array functionality to allow peek method.

peek vs forEach

peek as forEach allows you to execute a callback on each of the elements of an array, not affecting the content of itself.

The difference is that forEach returns void so no further processing can be done, while peek will return the array so you can continue the transformations necesary for your processing


add it to your project using npm install array-peek --save or yarn add array-peek


to use this package just add it before the usage of any array to extend its prototype. From then on you will have access to the peek function as seen in the next example.


    .map((value) => value * value)
//  Output:
//> 1
//> 2
//> 3
//> 1
//> 4
//> 9
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