Know when your elements and their children have transitionended.

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<script type="module">
  import arrival from '';



A little helper for knowing reliably when CSS transitions have finished.


With npm via browserify or your package manager of choice:

$ npm install arrival

With bower:

$ bower install icelab/arrival



Arrival will look at the passed element/s and traverse its children to find the element with the longest transition duration (determined by the sum of its transition-duration and transition-delay properties). Whenever that element finishes transitioning, the callback will fire.

<span class="btn">Make slides go now</span>
<div class="slides">
  <div class="slide-in first">One</div>
  <div class="slide-in second">Two</div>
  <div class="slide-in third">Three</div>
var arrival = require('arrival');
var slides = document.querySelector('.slides');
var trigger = document.querySelector('.btn');

function callback() {
  console.log('Like, totally all transitions were completed');

trigger.addEventListener('click', function(e){
  arrival(slides, callback);

Arrival also takes a third argument, a selector that is used to match against all the passed elements and their children. This is useful in situations where you know what elements are going to be the longest.

var arrival = require('arrival');


trigger.addEventListener('click', function(e){
  arrival(slides, callback, '.third');

Building the example

There are a couple of build options run through browserify:

$ npm run build
$ npm run build-standalone
$ npm run build-standalone-min

npm run build-standalone generates the file used in the example ./test/index.html.


  • Since there’s no transitionstart event, you’ll need to call arrival at the same time you trigger the transition.
  • Arrival only looks at transition properties, not animation properties for now.
  • Arrival will blindly look at all descendants of the passed elements (unless you tell it not to). If you have multi-stage transitions it may find the wrong element to bind to.


Arrival is released under the MIT License.