Static routing for static website

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import arsfStaticRoute from '';



yarn add arsf-static-route


staticRoute(mode, callback, options)

  • mode: between compile to compile pages or serve to serve pages dynamically.
  • callback: a function(ctx). Context will be passed to manipulate the output pages.
    • ctx.send(body) is the final data which will be sent.
  • options: staticRoute options
    • port integer, for server (default: 3000)
    • output path string, to compile (default: process.cwd() + /dist)
    • static array of path string (directory), served as static files
    • clean boolean, clean old output before compiling


const staticRoute = require('arsf-static-route')

staticRoute('serve', router => {
  router('/', ctx => ctx.send('Hello World'))
  router('/about', ctx => ctx.send('This is about page'))