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Validate email and suggest corrections. Steps:

  1. check the domain syntactically - just a rough, quick-check
  2. look up the MX record for the domain, fail if it doesn't exist
  3. communciate with the SMTP server on the MX-server to determine if the mailbox exists
  4. if the SMTP server responds ambiguously, optiontionally, invoke fallbackValidator - useful to call an external, premium validation service

Always returns a results-object regardless of what happens, example output:

  • valid: true/false
  • invalid: true/false
  • didYouMean: '...@...'
  • message: 'details about what happend'


npm install art-email-validator


  email:    "foobar@gmailcom"         # email to check
  smtpHost: ""           # your domain, the same every call
.then (results) ->

# Example output:
results =
  valid:      false                   # possibly invalid
  invalid:    true                    # definitly invalid
  didYouMean: ""      # suggested fix
  message:    "Domain was not valid." # developer-friendly info


&ArtEmailValidator.validateEmail options
.then (results) ->

# NOTE: &ArtEmailValidator means: require('art-email-validator')


  • email<string> (required) the email address to check
  • smtpFrom<string> (required OR smtpHost) the smtpFrom-address to tell the email server [default: email]
  • smtpHost<string> (required OR smtpFrom) the smtpHost to tell the email server [default: the domain of part of: smtpFrom]
  • timeout<number-milliseconds> (default: 1000) number in miliseconds to wait before timing out when checking mailbox
  • fallbackValidator<(options, results) -> results> Called as the very last step if validateMailbox can't conclusively determine if it is valid. Example: use this to call Mailgun's email validation service.
  • verbose<bool/number> (default: false) verbose: true ==> basic verbos logging, verbose: >= 2 ==> very verbose logging


  • valid<bool> 'true' means the email is definitly valid
  • invalid<bool> 'true' means email is definitly invalid
  • didYouMean<string> (optional) suggest a possibly-correct email
  • message<string> developer-consumable description of what happened

Note, the result is ambiguous if valid == false, but invalid != true. This indicates the SMTP server failed to respond in a known way and there was no fallbackValidator.