setting up your npmrc in a sane manor

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Artifactory NPMRC Setup

it can be a little hard to setup npmrc with artifactory (especially when using SSO)

this app allows you to setup npmrc (with scopes if required) with an interactive interface for login.


name required default description
server true artifactory server to connect to
scopes / s false scopes to setup for artifactory on the local machine, if not set the specified artifactory server will be set as your main NPM registry
api-key / a false set an API key to use for login (useful if you require a non interactive login)
api-username / u false required if api-key is set, the username for the user the api key belongs to
no-keep-existing false false dont keep existing npmrc lines, only write new artifactory lines (defaults to keeping existing npmrc lines, commenting out matching scopes)
npmrc-path / p false ~/.npmrc path to the npmrc file to replace/update (defaults to .npmrc in home directory)
no-interactive false skip loading all interactive elements (for use in CI), you must supply a valid api-key to use this option
help / h false show help text