PinGo - experimental load-generator powered by and AWS Lambda base on Artillery Dino

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Project Dino - massive scale load tests from AWS Lambda


🦖 Dino was an experiment and is no longer maintained.

ℹ️ Artillery Pro provides distributed large scale testing (including a Fargate based serverless backend).


Set up an IAM user and a role first and add the credentials to ~/.aws/credentials under [dino]. Then run:

$ npm install -g artillery-dino
$ AWS_PROFILE=dino dino setup
$ AWS_PROFILE=dino dino -n 500 -c 10 -l 20 -t

For more information read my blog post: Project Dino - Load testing on Lambda with Artillery.


Hassy Veldstra <>


MPLv2 - see LICENSE.txt for details

(Note: several dependencies are bundled under lambda/out/node_modules -- the above MPLv2 declaration does not apply to those.)