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Attiv Node Framework

Conditions to follow this tutorial

For this tutorial to work, it is necessary to already have a pre-installed, configured mysql database and a created database.

In addition, it is necessary to have the npm and node installed in the latest versions


1 - Clone or repository

2 - Access the project you finished and clone

2.1 - Change the package.json by adding the following content only to test the example

"_moduleAliases": {
   "attiv": "./framework"

3 - Execute the following commands in the root directory of the application

npm install
npm run postinstall

In this step the framework is already configured and now it is already possible to reference your files using the alias vitta-api

4 - Access the example directory and execute the commands below

npm install

5 - Change the name of the .env.example file to.env

6 - Change the database settings in .env

7 - Execute the following commands to create the tables in mysql

node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:migrate
  • If any errors occur in this step, review the configuration of the database

8 - Now run the npm run dev command to run the application, if everything went well your api is in the air, using the Vitta framework.