Enables better interactions between Aurelia 1 applications and FAST web-components. Adds two-way binding for components.

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Aurelia FAST Adapter

Helps you build Aurelia 1 applications using FAST web-components

  • Enable two-way binding on FAST web-components
  • button-checked custom attribute


npm install aurelia1-fast-adapter

Enable two-way binding

Simply register the FASTAdapter in your main.ts

// main.ts


Now your Aurelia 1 application knows how to handle two-way bindings with all FAST components.

Change FAST prefix

FAST web-components use the fast- prefix by default, but this can be changed for any implementation. You can reflect this prefix by configuring the registration as such:

// main.ts

    .plugin(PLATFORM.moduleName('aurelia1-fast-adapter'), 'ecos')
// now FASTAdapter knows that your components use a different prefix, `ecos-` here

Register custom components

Before to register the FASTAdapter one can extends the public static tags property in order to add more components. For exemple:

import { Aurelia1FASTAdapter } from "aurelia1-fast-adapter";
Aurelia1FASTAdapter.tags['DATE-FIELD'] = ['value'];

Use the button-checked custom attribute

Documentation in progress