CLI Auth0 access tokens through the Resource Owner Password Grant

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This is a port of the original auth0-password-grant to a npm package. CLI Auth0 access tokens.

auth0-password-grant is a command-line tool to quickly provision new Auth0 access tokens using the Resource Owner Password Grant.

Igrom@foo: ~$ auth0-password-grant -u -p 123456
Igrom@foo: ~$ !! | base64 -d | jq
  "typ": "JWT",
  "alg": "RS256",
  "kid: "yMGg0MIeOOMeGgGwIwIiMIMMgMwypGgIgIii4gMIMEgIMCMGgEwMM"

Provisioning Auth0 access tokens for making manual API calls is a commonly done task. As most tokens soon expire, it is often necessary to provision multiple access tokens in a single session. This tool aims to reduce the tediousness of doing this.

It is possible to pass all required request parameters: username, password, auth0 domain URL and more through command-line options, but it is more convenient to save them in a config file that auth0-password-grant reads on execution.


  • store settings for quick token procurement
  • prepend token with "Bearer " for valid Authorization tokens
  • copy token to clipboard (if xclip (Linux/X11) or pbcopy (Mac) is installed)
  • comprehensive man pages

How to install

apt install jq
yarn global install auth0-password-grant


For common workflows it is recommended to create the following shorthand:

alias tok='auth0-password-grant -BX'

to quickly construct a valid Authorization header and put it in the clipboard.


Warren Parad


Copyright © 2018 Warren Parad. Licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.